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July 7, 2019
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Armourtech provide the best concrete treatments you can get, and are the suppliers you can trust.

Select from a range of concrete sealer and finishing products, covering all your concrete treatment needs.

We service customers throughout the North and South Island, so get in touch with Armourtech today to find out how we can help you.

Our Concrete Sealer

Choose Armourtech Concrete Sealer for your next project. Our sealer has a proven performance history, is easy to use and environmentally friendly. With a versatile and permanent product, you have the ease of getting colour and seal in one go!

Concrete Polish

No two floors are the same, and polishing concrete can be an art form. Armourtech supplies Lythic Floor polished concrete flooring products to our customers, giving you the highest quality concrete polish to improve the appearance of your floor.

Day1 Concrete Finishing

For the best concrete finishing and curing, choose Day1’s concrete finishing products supplied by Armourtech. At the same time that you place your concrete, with Day1 you’ll also have a densified and dust proof concrete surface.

Allmacks Concrete Services

June 17, 2019
Allmacks Concrete Services ★★★★★ 5
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We’ve got the greatest concrete solutions for you, and at Allmacks Concrete Services, we’ll always ensure the best results you can depend on

Whether you’re wanting commercial or residential concrete work, Allmacks Concrete Services Ltd can provide the right concrete solution to suit your needs.

If you want a team that will help get you the best concrete solution for your land, Allmacks Concrete Services guarantees top quality work tailored to suit you.

Residential concrete

Allmacks Concrete Services always have the answer to your concrete service needs and from pathways to tennis courts, we always have the solution for the best results.

Concrete service commercially

We cover all commercial concrete services at Allmacks Concrete Services from slabs to columns to walls and anything else concrete related, we’ve always got the work done.

Other services

If you need concrete grinding or brick edging for your commercial or residential property, Allmack Concrete services has an extensive list of other services in concrete work we provide.

Bowers & Son Ltd

June 9, 2019
Bowers & Son Ltd ★★★★★ 5
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Established in 1948, our business is family-owned and operated from Te-Awamutu. Contact us today.

Do you need precast concrete products? From our Waikato plant, we have been serving clients across the central North Island for 70 plus years.

For further information about concrete tanks, retaining walls, concrete pads and concrete troughs – contact us.

Duracrete concrete tanks

Duracrete concrete water tanks are strong, long-lasting and possess a high-quality finish. Talk to the team at Bowers & Son Ltd today with your requirements.

Ready made concrete plant

For your convenience, our ready mix cement comes in plain and coloured aggregate mixes. If you require a reliable supplier of ready mix concrete, contact us about our ready mix concrete prices.

Precast concrete troughs

Whether you need a rectangular water trough, oblong water trough or large concrete trough – we have what you need. All of our reinforced concrete troughs are strong and easy to clean.

Koastal Kerb

May 27, 2019
Koastal Kerb ★★★★★ 5
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Make sure that your concrete is properly installed – the first time!

By utilizing specialized and hiring expert concrete contractors, you can have a reliable concrete curbing installations that can be applied to all areas.

Pleasing, polished, colored and exposed aggregate concrete finishes.

All concrete curbing.

Top quality and perfectly installed concrete curbing for your driveway or road. With the option of hand laid box curbing, machine laid and a variety of finishes.

Installation and laying of concrete

With out concrete courtyard and driveways you can add great value to your property. Our team creates amazing finishes every time.

concrete pumping and spraying services

For all concreting services you need a smooth finish. Out team specialise in a range of concreting services for your commercial needs.

Wellington drilling, concrete removal, breakup and cutting services

May 22, 2019
Wellington drilling, concrete removal, breakup and cutting services ★★★★★ 5
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Offers a wide range of services from planning to demolition and site clearance.

By having no sub contractors we have eliminated the risks. All our work is done by our certified workers for the best job possible.

Able Contractors is always ready to help you in your cutting and contracting needs.

Why choose Able Contractors and Competitive Concrete Cutting to do your work?

The range of work undertaken by Able Contractors is arguably the most diverse in the Wellington region – to prove this claim, check out a gallery of past jobs.

For all tricky demolition and removal plus concrete cutting

No matter how big or small the job is we can do it. talk to us first for information or a quote. For we are here to help!

Take advantage of 20 years of contracting experience

We have the innovative and expertise tools and equipments to deliver an exceptional service to your property. We can handle any commercial or residential concrete situation.

Rapid Slabs

September 7, 2018
Rapid Slabs ★★★★★ 5
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Concrete floors, slabs and foundations

For all your concrete flooring needs, contact the Rapid Slabs team
We can do all the job for Wellington region

Rapid Slabs are the skilled professionals for all concrete flooring, concrete slabs and concrete foundations servicing the greater Wellington region, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kapiti Coast and Levin. Get in touch with us to further discuss your requirements.

Cupolex Innovation

Cupolex® is among the latest inventions in concrete flooring that makes use of recycled plastic, saves money and is environmentally friendly.

Speedfloor Concrete Flooring

Speedfloor is a quick and easy to install concrete flooring system that utilises recent technology to create lightweight concrete/steel composite floor.

Ribraft Flooring Solution

Ribraft is durable, quick to lay and seismically strong because of its construction method and offers a lot of advantages over standard concrete foundations.

Able Contractors & Concrete Cutters

May 16, 2018
Able Contractors & Concrete Cutters ★★★★★ 5
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Offers a wide range of services from planning to demolition and site clearance.

Work are done by our skilled and professional contractors. You don’t have to deal with multiple contractors for during the job.

Contact Able Contractors & Concrete Cutters today for any of your concrete cutting and contracting needs.

Need some reasons why able contractors should do work for you?

The type of work Able contractors performs in Wellington is by far the most expert and well thought out. If you don’t believe us take a look at our photo albums.

We specialized in demolition, removal and concrete cutting

Talk to us. We can help you no matter how big or small the demolition and cutting job is.

Take advantage of 20 years of contracting experience

We have the innovative and expertise tools and equipments to deliver an exceptional service to your property. We can handle any commercial or residential concrete situation.

Specialised Concrete Services Ltd

March 15, 2018
Specialised Concrete Services Ltd ★★★★★ 5
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When it includes something permanent as concrete, you need to make sure that it is going to be right the first time.

Building foundations and retaining walls concrete block filling

Concrete floor grinding, polishing and sealing. Refinish your concrete floors perfectly!