GC Gardening

April 26, 2021

At GC Gardening we come with heaps of hands on experience creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces.

Offering commercial garden service and residential garden maintenance at GC Gardening.

GC Gardening, vegetable garden planting and maintenance, as well as garden planting, leaving you to enjoy your garden.

For garden maintence GC Gardening

Residential garden maintenance work, including lawn-mowing, weeding and pruning. Offering experienced and knowledgeable staff with GC Gardening. Regular and one off maintenance gardening, section clears, tidy ups and rubbish removal.

Kitset vegetable gardens

Vegetable garden services have been carefully created by GC Gardening to assist more Kiwi’s with establishing edible gardens. Providing start up and maintenance vegetable gardens, DIY Kits and optional ongoing support.

Experienced garden planting

Creating beautiful gardens with expert planting.Professional plant advice and garden planting, creating transformation and bringing your garden back to life.

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