Specialists in project cost estimates for residential and commercial buildings

April 25, 2021

All types of construction projects, from large building projects to residential renovations, can benefit from the services of a quantity surveyor.

Our surveyors can manage all costs; negotiate for the best materials and labour at the best price; and provide legal building advice during a dispute.

If you want the best job at the best price, Workshop Quantity Surveyors in Wellington can help.

Project Estimates

Is your construction project out of your control? Are you quietly nervous about the escalating cost of the materials needed? Get in touch with our qualified building surveyor in Wellington and get your building site back on track.

Contracts & Disputes

Workshop Quantity Surveyors is your neutral and independent construction cost consultant here to ensure your budget is respected during a dispute.

Replacement Insurance & Bank Funding

There are many benefits to be gained by bringing in a building consultant to estimate the value of your building prior to the creation or renewal of an insurance policy. Learn about these with Workshop Quantity Surveyors.


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