Outdoor Shade Solutions Ltd provide the highest quality shade sails, outdoor umbrellas and unique blinds.

April 10, 2021

Improve your outdoor experience with our quality shade sails, outdoor blinds and cantilever umbrellas.

Outdoor shades and umbrellas from Outdoor Shade Solutions Ltd can help in protecting your loved ones from the sun’s harsh rays.

With outdoor shades and umbrellas from Outdoor Shade Solutions Ltd you can conveniently keep the sun out of your eyes.

Waikato region interior blinds

At Outdoor Shade Solutions Ltd we create and install the best indoor blinds for both residential and commercial uses. All of our blinds are designed purposefully to be durable so they will long-lasting investment.

Waikato region exterior blinds

Outdoor blinds are definitely worth the purchase as they help you enjoy your outdoor space with protection which helps protect you and your furniture from the elements.

Shade sails for sale in Waikato

Shade sails can be very useful for protecting larger outdoor areas such as decks and outdoor furniture. If you find sitting outside gets very hot at times, our shade sails will instantly help with this issue.


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