Wright Kitchens

February 14, 2021

Wright Kitchens was established in 2009 to create custom kitchens for Wellington clients.

To discuss your requirements for the design of your kitchen, talk to our team today.

Come and visit our kitchen showroom to gain inspiration for your new kitchen renovation.

Quality kitchen makeovers

Are you a homeowner with a dated kitchen? It is much cheaper to makeover your existing kitchen than buying a new home. Talk to Wright Kitchens about your kitchen ideas today and we’ll implement them.

Quality laundry renovations

Having a customised vanity is an easy way to achieve a unique bathroom aesthetic. From our Wellington workshop, we create custom-made bathroom vanities that are wall-hung, angled or bespoke.

Office renovations

Is your office out of date? If you are carrying out an office renovation, talk to us about your needs for custom cabinetry. Everything is made locally and to a high standard.

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