Finer Floor Services

February 9, 2021

Since 1981, the expert flooring team at Finer Floor Services has been providing Kapiti and Wellington residents with stunning timber floors.

> Professional floor sanding services
> Excellent polyurethane floor coatings
> Repairs for timber floor and patchwork

With a personal fulfilment guarantee and free flooring quotes, you have nothing lose if you call the experts at Fine Floor Services.

Experts in floor sanding

Don’t do DIY floor sanding as it can leave your floors looking worse than when you started! Our expert floor sanding services will make your floors looking great.

Superior floor coatings

Protect your timber floors and add shine and durability with quality polyurethane floor coatings. Choose between water based or solvent based coatings.

Slight patchwork and floor repairs

Do you have an area on your timber flooring that requires repair work? Call in the services of our flooring experts, and we’ll fix the problem so they look like new again.


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