Wellington Granite

February 2, 2021

Wellington Granite manufactures stunning benchtops, vanity tops and wall and fire surrounds from marble, granite, engineered stone and ceramics.

The Wellington Granite team combines modern manufacturing methods with years of experience and craftsmanship to create our products.

Wellington Granite works with architects and designers and builders and directly with homeowners to create outstanding finished products.

Stone and ceramic products

Wellington Granite has a wide product range with with benchtops and fire surrounds of marble and granite, engineered stone and ceramics. Our team can advise on the best options.

Process for buying products

Wellington Granite has a comprehensive and straightforward buying process to make it easy for you to purchase your product. Our process ensures accurate orders and transparent payment schedules.

Commonly asked questions

From how much a benchtop might cost to whether engineered stone is better than granite, the Wellington Granite team have all the answers. If you have another question we’re happy to help.

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