Dave Miller

December 9, 2020

Whether it’s for a cafe, marae, school, subdivision, campground or rural factory, Dave Miller provides insightful advice for the right sewage system and septic solutions.

Sewage system problems aren’t often solved by the ‘free’ advice given by sewage system agents and plumbers as experience in the industry has shown.

Contact Dave Miller, an environmental engineer with 35+ years experience and knowledge in septic solutions, NZ wide.

Cafes & Tourism

Malfunctioning sewage systems are often the cause of most homes stinking of sewage and rubbish. Get proper advice from an environmental expert to avoid the foul, damp smell of sewage.

Sewage systems for school grounds

Children can be the most susceptible of our population, so why risk their health and safety with hazardous defective sewage systems where they spend most of the day?

Public spaces, cafes and tourist destinations

Mix bus loads of tourists (with the associated queue at the toilets), with the food preparation and washing up, a safe well managed sewage treatment and sewage disposal system is a must.

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