December 1, 2020

Our products are suitable for a range of industries including construction, food processing, manufacturing, education, and more.

Specialists products offering a safe option for ute mats, heavy duty mats, rubber flooring, and more.

Bringing together some of the best tape and label businesses to provide leading solutions to all of New Zealand.

Workshop Mats

We offer mats for all kinds of industrial environments including both dry and wet conditions. Our mats can fit any spaces you have while offering the right properties you need for your workers.

Custom Mats

Our indoor and outdoor mats are available for all types of surfaces, fitting all different kinds of spaces. Get in touch with us today to find the perfect mat for your property.

Bedding Mats

Our specially fit ute mats can be placed in many different leading vehicle manufacturer’s utes including toyota, ford, isuzu, nissan, volkswagen, mazda, ford, and many more.


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