Wellington Rodent Exterminators

November 26, 2020

Professional pest control services for rodent infestations in the Wellington region.

Contact Wellington Rodent Exterminators for pest control services that are effective, efficient and professional.

We control mice throughout the greater Wellington region spanning the Kapiti Coast through to the Hutt Valley.

Wellington rodent control

Ensure that mice in your home aren’t putting your well being, health and property at risk. At Wellington Rodent Exterminators, we deliver effective pest control services that save you from further damage caused by an infestation.

Get rid of those rats!

Contact the professional team at Wellington Rodent Exterminators for an effective solution to your rat problem. We’ll have the disease ridden rodent rid of in no time with discrete, efficient services.

Clear your property with mice extermination

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese! So don’t waste time with ineffective traps that only feed your unwanted residents. Leave it to a professional team to ensure mice pest control in your home is done right.


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