Little Farm Preschool and Nursery

November 18, 2020

Located in Paraparaumu, our kindy is a great choice to give your precious child a fun, safe place to learn.

The preschool teachers at Little Farm Preschool and Nursery have the qualifications, training and enthusiasm to take good care of your little ones.

Our daycare offers a sensible, safe, easy solution to parents that have to work in the day. We work in the best interests of the parents providing flexible times and great child care.

Experience a daycare with a rural environment

Our little farm with separate classrooms and outdoor playgrounds has something special to offer your preschooler. Our caring team offer a family oriented and culturally diverse experience in a safe rural environment.

Our dedicated staff

At Little Farm Preschool and Nursery, our reliable and highly trained teachers strive to offer the best early education and learning environment for your child.

A unique rural setting on the Kapiti Coast

Little Farm Preschool and Nursery gives your child a head start on life and a great experience learning and thriving in an environment where every child’s needs are put first.


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