Early diagnosis and advanced treatment of skin cancer

May 21, 2019
Early diagnosis and advanced treatment of skin cancer ★★★★★ 5
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Trained internationally, Dr Roland Lostsu is highly experienced in diagnosing a range of skin cancers.

The success of surgical and non-surgical treatments for skin cancer can be ensured if symptoms are detected early on.

Call St Joseph Skin Cancer Clinic today to book your consultation

Screening for Skin Cancer

Skin screening is a smart measure to take in order to reduce the potential life-threating results of skin cancer. Call us today to get your skin checked.

Offering Mole Mapping

If detected early, melanoma removal gives almost 100% success rate of treatment. Full body mole mapping offered at our Kapiti clinic enables accurate diagnosis in detecting suspicious moles. If you are unsure whether you have melanoma symptoms contact us.

Non-surgical treatments on offer

At St Joseph Skin Cancer Clinic, Dr Lostsu offers both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Book a consultation today to discuss your treatment options


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