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April 17, 2019
Business Express
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It is or aim to assist you in controlling your finances, your path to success, and support and counsel in giving your company a better future ahead.

That’s why we have structured our services into a range of packages to suit every business – no matter how fast you want to go!

The “Investor” package for only $69 a month

…this well serve best for your independent contractor, micro business, property investor and family trust solutions. Just take care of the basic needs and the rest will follow. Shoo tax man away by making things organized and have time to relax.

The “Ready” package… starts from $149 every month perfect for a sole trader, tradesman (or woman) or family company with a business that is not too complicated and big. You are extremely satisfied of your business milestone and you just want to keep it going as it is.

The “Steady” package… starting from $249 per month

… is for any small business that not only wants to stay on top of their accounting and performance, but they want some help in setting direction, budgets, and strategy. You want to have your finger on the pulse of your business at all times.


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